Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Custard Crown

So I got up the other day and came down to the kitchen for my morning coffee and there they were…..the bananas that never seem to get eaten; ripe beyond slicing and adding to my oatmeal.   I always wonder why that happens?  I love bananas, but yet somehow seem to always neglect three or four out of the couple of bunches that I buy.  Every time Jenn and I are at the store together and I run over the the banana pile, she asks:  “Are you actually going to eat those?   Why don’t you just buy three and go from there?”   I insist that I’ll eat them and well, I hate to say it but, she ends up being right……most of the time.  So this time, instead of tossing the evidence into my compost pile to save face, I decided to make a banana bread.

Banana Cake

Then, I starting thinking that banana bread was too simple, too overdone; I wanted to get a little creative with the time I had on my hands that day.  So I thought, why not make a banana cake, instead of a less moist bread and jazz it up by stealing Jenn’s custard recipe that she uses for her Chocoflan?  I reduced the flan recipe by 1 egg so it would be creamier.  I took a basic banana bread recipe that I’ve been using for years, added some milk to loosen it up and give it moisture.  You will need a large bundt pan for this recipe.  I got this one at Wal Mart for about $10.  Now let’s get started…..


Mash the bananas up good.  I wish I took a picture of the bananas I used.  They were completely black.  Those are the best ones to use for this as they are practically pudding.

Mashed Bananas

A little trick with measuring caramel:  spray oil the measuring cup first and then it will slide right out.  You won’t even need a spoon!


Pour the cake batter over the caramel.

Batter Over Caramel

Somebody else wants banana walnut cake!

Beagle wants cake

Now pour the custard mix over the cake batter.

Pour Custard

Cover the bundt cake only with aluminum foil-  not the entire roasting pan!  I mistakenly did this once and got a painful steam burn.  Place on the center rack.

Cover Cake

I really thought this would cook within 1 hour and 30 minutes, because the regular banana cake takes about 1 hour 10 minutes.  This took much longer when I added the custard.  That’s ok by me.  Gave me an opportunity to clean up the kitchen and get a few extra chores done and the final cake was well worth the wait.  Some things just are!

Baked Banana Walnut Caked

I gently ran a knife gently along the edges of the cake to ensure it slid out of the pan without any little tears.

Banana Walnu tCake

By looking at it, I wasn’t sure how the heck it was going to turn out, but I was very pleased with the outcome and I think I might have created the first banana cake with a cream cheese custard crown on the market.  Jenn really  liked it (she was most happy with the fact that I didn’t waste the bananas) and I hope you will too!  Enjoy!

Banana Walnut Cake

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